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Sedum Roof Benefits

Reduce Green House Gases

1m2 of a green roof can absorb 5kg of Co2 yearly. As a perspective, 1m2 of green roof can absorb the same quantity of Co2 as a regular car would emit during a 80km drive.

Clean Air

Sedum capture airborne particles such as smog, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere which has a positive effect on air quality and health of inhabitants. 

Give back to nature

Because of the quantity of flowers per square metre nothing attracts bees like our Sedum Blanket. Why not install your own natural bee hive on your roof?

Rainwater buffer

Huge reduction in speed and water coming off the roof which leads to a decrease of the burden on our sewer systems. 

Acoustic and insulation values

Keeps the living space quieter. Sound proof your garden room and make it a much more tranquil place to relax. Improve thermal values by keeping more of the warmth in and the cold out.

Extra Protection

The Sedum blanket system protects your waterproofing layer making it last four to five times longer than the manufacturer specifies. 

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